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Entry #2

Update 5-10-09

2009-05-10 02:33:22 by JNProductions

Well, I've been relatively quiet lately, due to multiple resons, most of them having to with tests of various kinds.

Also, "Stealing from an Alien 3" pre-production was postponed, due to the reasons above.

Right now, it's a time of exploration, a time in which i must give a lot of thought to various decisions... ones that might affect my future considerably.

As of right now, there's no producing animations at the moment, but when I start a new one, I'll make sure to post it here ^_^

See ya in the next post


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2009-07-27 22:34:16

Hey, Im almost done with my video. Got distracted a lot and got 1/2way through like 2 more vids But I should have it posted in about a week. Just lettin ya know that I diddnt forget about it or anything :P